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Below are select reviews of the book “Reinventing Communication.”

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“Just finished Reinventing Communication.   I’ve added so many post-its onto it that I’ll need some time to consume all the wisdom from this masterpiece! ”
-Tiago Cardoso @gauchocardoso and 5 Star Amazon Review

Image from Tiago Cardoso

“A must read book, Mark’s commonsense methodologies and knowledgeable approaches to project management, leadership, and increased communication skills makes this a great guide for any Entrepreneur, Business owner, Engineer, or Developer who wants to be a more successful leader.”
-Bruce Holmes (US Navy SEAL retired), Science and Technology Advisor

Amazon 5 star Michael T

“It is not very often that anything that is touted as ground-breaking actually lives up to the initial promise, but Mark Phillips latest book Reinventing Communication may well be an exception to this rule… This is a brilliant discussion on the nature of uncertainty in projects and how attitudes towards it impacts the ability of project teams to deliver solutions.”
-Michael Trumper, PMI David I. Cleland Literature Award recipient 2014, Amazon Canada Review, 5 Stars

“Innovative and practical, in Reinventing Communication, Mark Phillips pulls together his own experience managing high performance projects and new concepts in communication to layout new path for successfully managing the extremely large and complex projects that increasingly define project management in the emerging economy of the 21st century.”
-Lev Virine, PMI David I. Cleland Literature Award recipient 2014, Amazon Review, 5 Stars

“Reinventing Communication is highly original…it opens our minds to new ways of thinking about old problems. It is rich in ideas, but the ideas are made accessible through examples to illustrate the ideas and enough detail to apply within your own organisation. Any project manager will benefit from exposure to these highly original ideas.”
-Lynda Bourne, Project Manager Magazine Australia, Full review here

“In his new book, Mark shares his latest research on creating the right environment for attaining ambitious results. He draws on economics, psychology, project management and decades of experience as a CEO and thought leader. The stories alone make the book worth reading. It is a must-have for web companies, entrepreneurs and established companies who want to maintain an edge.”
-Ilya Pozin Columnist, Forbes, Inc. & LinkedIn. Founder of Ciplex and Open Me

“It is an unfortunate trait of the program management community that often more time is spent analyzing what went wrong than what went right and why… Mr. Phillips turns that tide with a book that is actionable – earned value and a communications strategy are key. In “Reinventing Communication”, the author analyzes successful programs and failed programs. He answers the question – what are the attributes of success? Further, he offers a check list and an actionable approach to delivering a success in which communications and earned value management are effective tools.”
-Vice Admiral Joseph W. Dyer, USN (ret.), Independent Defense and Tech Consulting, Former Commander Naval Air Systems Command, Former Chief Strategy Officer iRobot

“Just as we were about to conclude that computers and technology have preempted the future contribution of homo sapiens, here comes a book that explains how effective communication and human interaction will always win the day. If you are embarking on a project, any project, you must read Reinventing Communication first.”
-Ed Brodow, author of Negotiation Boot Camp

“Out of the fog and haze that reduces the effectiveness and outcomes of so many projects comes a beacon of light that strongly makes the case that good communication is mandatory, not optional. Mark Phillips’ new book, Reinventing Communication is a must read for project managers of all types and at all levels.”
-Andrew J. Sherman, Partner, Jones Day and author of Harvesting Intangible Assets

“Powerful and practical, Mark Phillips’ new book, Reinventing Communication, breaks our common misconceptions about project performance and carves a bold, new path in management. The book shows you how to create, lead and manage successful projects. It is a rare find, brimming with strategies and ideas you can use immediately to deliver better results.”
-Cornelius Fichtner, The PM Podcast

“Mark Phillips’ book, Reinventing Communication addresses perhaps the most key ingredient of project success– communication. Regardless of the type of project or industry, communication is how the project team expresses their needs, requirements, data, expectations, progress, costs, expected outcomes, and just about everything else. … His approach to quantifying communication takes advantage of today’s digital
communications. … Mark’s book provides ideas for serious consideration.”
-Ray Stratton, The EVM Newsletter

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