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Reviews of Mark’s Presentations

“Mark Phillips draws on disciplines as diverse as physics, economics, philosophy, anthropology and the law in this wonderfully engaging Masterclass interview. In doing so, he illustrates how the tension between the deterministic or scientific elements of project management and the human elements provides the lever for managing and improving performance.”
-Jonathan Norman, interviewer for the Major Projects Authority Knowledge Hub

“Great session.” “Excellent, energetic speaker” “Mr. Phillips is fabulous.”
-Participant Reviews from EVM World

“Mark delivered a webinar to the Organizational Project Management (OPM) PMI community. What did the global audience of 850 Project Management professionals say? Passionate. Amazing. Incredible insights and information. Mark got rave & enthusiast reviews in a relatively staid area of formalizing communication to enable results. Mark provides a refreshing and transformative message on how to move beyond soft skills into measurement.”
-Rosemary Hossenlopp, PMI Organizational Project Management Community of Practice-Knowledge Community Lead

“Mark’s insight on project communication,” “his interaction with the audience and enthusiasm,” as well as his “knowledge and collaboration with the audience” are the greatest assets of the workshop. “We need more of this!”
-Participant Reviews from EVM World

“An amazing talk!” “Wonderful, engaging speaker!” “Great insights.”    – Audience Reviews

“Mark went out of his way to give a “real-world” talk on project management that was motivating and informational. Several of our group member filled up notebooks with great tips and takeaways from Mark’s talk. I would highly recommend Mark for any discussion on Project Management and his talk is great for any audience.” – Matt Schulz, PMP, CIW

“Mark gave a very engaging presentation. He demonstrated his expertise in project management and provided some excellent ideas that our members took away from the discussion to try putting into practice in their own project teams.” – Troy Pullis, Minneapolis/St. Paul

“Mark’s presentation style is engaging. Many people (particularly the Project Managers present) left the presentation eager to apply Mark’s advice on better planning and project execution to their own projects.” – Bernie Dolan, Sun Life Insurance

“Mark is undoubtedly an expert in project management, not only at the theoretical level but at the practical level, as he is able to clearly explain and show how small to medium businesses can implement practical project management solutions to save time, money and headaches.”  – Brian Love, CTO, Webucator

“Mark came to speak about Project Management and Time Tracking. Mark eloquently delivered, a well researched, and comprehensive presentation that everyone found very useful. Mark no doubt is an expert on project management, and that is very clear when he speaks.” – Pete Freitag, President, Foundeo Inc, New York

“Mark was a great speaker, and I hope to have him back to Cleveland.– Brian Meloche, Cleveland

“Mark is a skilled communicator. The ideas he presents are fresh and give a different perspective. Importantly, it gives practical and applicable insights.” – David Gurevich, PM Exam Guide

Select Past Presentations and Podcasts

22 March 2021 “Project Performance in Agile, Waterfall and BeyondProject Management Podcast Video

20 December 2019 “Masterclass on Project PerformanceMajor Projects Knowledge Hub Masterclass

9 April 2015 “The Apple Car – What it Means to the Auto Industry and YouMichigan Council of Women in Technology, virtual lunch and learn.

MCWT header

10 December 2014 “Reinventing Communication for Program SuccessProgram Management Academy, Global Webinar

PMA logo

2 December 2014 “Reinventing Communication -Do Leaders Need a PlanEvening Presentation for APM, London, UK #ReinventComms

APM London QAAPM Logo

2 December 2014 “Reinventing Communication for Successful Projects -WorkshopAPM Workshop, London, UK #ReinventComms

APM London Workshop Exercises 2 APM Logo

1 December 2014 “Uncertainty as Competitive Advantage” London School of Economics, London, UK #LSEUncertainty Listen to the Talk Here

LSE Management

26 Nov 2014 “Leadership During Uncertainty and RiskPMI UK South West, Intel, Swindon, UK


25 Nov 2014 “Reinventing Communication for Successful Projects -WorkshopPMI UK Scotland, Barclays Wealth, Glasgow, UK


7 Nov 2014 “Reinventing Communication for Successful Government Projects” PMI Government Community of Practice, Webinar

7 – 8 Oct 2014 “Harness the Power of Complexity” International Centre for Complex Project Management, 5th Annual Conference, L’Ecole de Militaire, Paris, France


29 Sept – 1 Oct 2014  “Reinventing Communication: The Impact of Communication on Project Performance IPMA 2014 World Congress, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

RC session at IPMA2014IPMA World Congress Logo

23 Sept 2014 “Communication as Organizational Design” PMI Organizational Project Management Community of Practice, Webinar

RC blog PMI OPM3 cover image 102 x 150

1 September 2014 “Reinventing Project Communication” The PM Podcast

PM Podcast

30 July 2014 “Turbocharge Project Performance by Reinventing CommunicationAPM in the UK, Webinar

APM Turbocharge Photo w APM Logo

21 July 2014 “Communication in Project Management” University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ross School of Business - Speaking with hands in air

16 July 2014 “Interview with the Author of Reinventing CommunicationBusiness Transformation Podcast

Business Transformation Podcast

16 July 2014  “Reinventing Communication: The Impact of Communication on System Outcomes” INCOSE, The International Council on Systems Engineering, Global Webinar


23 May 2014  “Reinventing Communication: How to Design, Lead and Manage High Performing ProjectsEVM World, San Antonio, Texas

EVM World 2014

6-7 May 2014  “Reinventing Communication” PMGlobal Project Governance and Controls Symposium, Australian Defence Force Academy, UNSW Canberra, Australia

UNSW Speaking cropped

5 May 2014 “Reinventing Communication Quick Overview” PMI Sydney Chapter Breakfast,
Castlereagh Boutique Hotel,  Sydney, Australia

PMI Sydney

25 April 2014  “Reinventing Communication” PMI GLC Spring Symposium, Novi, Michigan

RC Site Speaking with Audience PMI GLC Logo

9 January 2014  “High Performing IT Projects: How to Design, Lead and Manage a High Performing Environment” Michigan Council of Women in Technology, Webinar


3 December 2013  “The Cost of Conflict and How People’s Behavior Drives Project Performance” EVM Europe Symposium, University of Ghent, Belgium

EVM Europe Logo

18 November 2013  “The Cost of Conflict and How People’s Behavior Drives Project Performance” International Integrated Program Management Conference, Bethesda, Maryland

31 May 2013  “Rethinking Project Communication” EVM World 2013, Naples, Florida

12 December 2012  “Using Technology to Set a Baseline for Communication and Measure the Effectiveness of Communication Strategies over Time”  International Integrated Program Management Conference, Bethesda, Maryland

29 November 2012  “Using Technology to Set a Baseline for Communication and Measure the Effectiveness of Communication Strategies over Time”  EVM World – Europe, University of Twente, The Netherlands

10 October 2012  Keynote Graduation Speaker, Shifting Gears Program for State of Michigan, Lansing, Michigan

30 May 2012  “Using Twitter to Create a PMB for Communication”, EVM World 2012, Naples, Florida

25 May 2012  “Implementing Agile Project Management Techniques in an Agile Acquisition Environment” PMI Aerospace and Defense Community of Practice, Global Webinar

24 April 2012  “Let Technology Help, and Not Hinder, Effective Communication” PMI Great Lakes Chapter Spring Symposium, Novi, Michigan

17 – 19 April 2012  “Implementing Agile Project Management Techniques in an Agile Acquisition Environment”,  Poster Presentation, National Defense Industrial Association 13th Annual Science and Engineering Conference,  Charleston, South Carolina

12 October 2011  “Closing the Communication Gap in a Virtual Environment” Internet User Experience 2011, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2 June 2011,  “The Value (or not) of Social Media and How to Respond to Your Client Who Wants It“, CFMeet-up, Webinar

19 May 2011  “Team Communication Near and Far”, PMI Great Lakes Chapter Seminar, Michigan State University Management Center, Troy, Michigan

5 November 2010  “Project Managers are Agents for Economic Growth!PM Podcast, Episode 158 Premium

22 October 2010  “Customize and Contextualize Your Project CommunicationsPM Podcast, Episode 158

22 March 2010  “Transform the World, Innovate!” Keynote Speaker, Shifting Gears Program for State of Michigan, Auburn Hills, Michigan

2009 “Get More Done! Effective Project and Team Management” Adobe Developer Summit Unconference 2009, Adobe Headquarters Seattle, WA. Session Presenter

8 January 2008 “Software Development and Web Design” Mid-Michigan ColdFusion Users Group,  Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

20 September 2007 “How Design, Technology and Feature Set Affect Usability” Adobe User Group, Charlotte,  North Carolina

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