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About Mark Phillips

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Mark Phillips is an accomplished business leader with a passion for Project Communication.

For over 17 years he has helped build a project management software company and consultancy, serving clients including multinational automotives, web start-ups, global telecoms and financial service providers. He led product development on a cutting-edge U.S. Army Research Lab program.

Mark is known for finding and delivering innovative solutions. His ideas are in use at the Office of the Secretary of Defense to research new policy guidelines on performance management and improve program outcomes. His work has appeared in publications including Project Manager Today, the APM blog, C|Net, eWeek and the Small Wars Journal. He delivers keynotes, seminars and workshops worldwide. He is a board member of the College of Management at Lawrence Technological University and former board member of the College of Performance Management. Mark began his career on Wall Street where he was a Vice President.

Mark holds a Masters in Applied Economics from University of Michigan and B.Sc. [Econ] from the London School of Economics. He is a certified Project Management Professional and Member of the Association for Project Management.