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First Presentation After 2020: Livestream on the PM Podcast

by on March 18, 2021

From the invitation:

At this week’s live event [on Monday 22 of March, 2021], Cornelius Fichtner welcomes guest Mark Phillips, as they discuss his book, The Practitioner’s Guide to Project Performance. Mark brought together 35 experts to share their advice on improving project performance and tied it all together with his afterword, What the heck are we studying? Projects, performance, and laws.

There will be time for Q&A, so bring your questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click to join on YouTube

This is my first presentation since COVID. Very much looking forward to it. Cornelius is a great interviewer and has a wonderful podcast.

A little about the book:

Practitioners operate in a necessary reality. We work in a space where project performance is above theory or methodology. In the best environments, delivery and an affirmative culture are what matter most. In the worst, it is politics and survival. In any environment we are challenged to adopt best practices and adapt our style to the environment in which the project is occurring. This is a book about those best practices and practitioner experiences. It is a must have reference and guide book for project managers, general managers, business leaders and project management researchers.

This book is the result of the hard work and dedication of more than 35 authors from more than 15 countries across four continents. It brings a diversity of experience, professional and personal. It includes practitioners, leading academics, renowned theorists and many who straddle those roles. The chapters cover experiences in software, large scale infrastructure projects, finance and health care, to name a few. The chapters themselves take many forms. Check out the table of contents to get a deeper sense of the topics included. All provide real-world guidance on delivering high performing projects and show you how to build, lead and manage high performing teams.

The Practitioners Handbook of Project Performance is complete in itself. It can also be an enticing start to an ongoing dialogue with the authors and a pleasurable path to get deeper into the subject of project performance. Find your favorite place to begin learning from these chapters, to begin taking notes and taking away nuggets to use in your everyday. But don’t stop there. Contact information and further resources for this diverse team of experts authors are found throughout. The Practitioners Handbook is a modern guide to the leading edge of project performance management and a path to the future of project delivery.

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