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APM Achieves Chartered Status

by on April 5, 2017

APM Chartered Body

Congratulations to APM on becoming a chartered body! This is a big milestone for the project management profession. This means there will be an official register of project managers in the UK, similar to that of other professions, like accountancy. People on that list will be ‘Chartered Project Managers’ similar to how there are Chartered Public Accountants – the equivalent of CPA’s (Certified Public Accountants) in the United States.

APM has a ton of information on this milestone on its site. They also intend to produce a series of briefing papers exploring “the new possibilities and challenges now available to the profession.” The first is 21st century professionalism: the importance of being Chartered.

If history is any example, I’d expect something equivalent to chartered status to come to the United States in about 30 – 50 years. It’ll be interesting to see how project management evolves now in the UK and how the role of a project manager changes, particularly in the public eye.

But for now, congratulations, and thank you  to APM, for this exciting next step in the field!

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