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Uncertainty as Competitive Advantage

by on December 9, 2014

On 1 December I had the privileged of delivering a public lecture at the London School of Economics.

Here is a link to the audio of the lecture Uncertainty as Competitive Advantage as well as a slideshare with the slides.


We are under attack by change. The marketplace and battle-space are increasingly populated by peer competitors and those who can achieve competitive advantage with limited resources. The value of traditional approaches is eroding. We can no longer gain and maintain our strategic position in an industry, market or contested area the way we used to. Cheap and abundant supply chains, the internet, easy user interfaces and the free flow of interpersonal connections over social media challenge our traditional models.

This highly energetic discussion focuses on the one element that remains constant: human decision making. It is unpredictable, complex and wickedly creative. It is the source of all uncertainty. Yet it is the source of competitive advantage. Join us for a ground-breaking discussion on harnessing the power of uncertainty to gain and maintain competitive advantage.



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