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Communication as Organizational Design -Webinar

by on July 9, 2014

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The PMI® Organizational Project Managment (OPM) Community of Practice will be hosting Mark for a webinar on Wednesday, 24 September at 12:00 Eastern. The topic is Communication as Organizational Design.  This high energy session introduces a ground-breaking approach to thinking about communication as an organizational design parameter to support the effective use of core organizational enablers.

Successful program delivery is critical. High performing programs, successfully delivered, power efficient day-to-day operations and drive long term, strategic growth. High performing program organizational environments deliver needed solutions that drive competitive advantage. However, even the most mature enterprise can fail to execute high performing programs, impacting operations, strategy and long-term success, particularly in competitive environments. This presentation is focused on the underlying principals at work within organizations that deliver high performing programs and a revolutionary new way to understand and utilize the power of communication to create an organizational environment using the core organizational enablers which ensures long-term success and the delivery of competitive advantage.

Learning Goals

  1. An enhanced awareness of the importance of communication as an organizational design element to support the core organizational enablers and determine program outcomes.
  2. Case studies from U.S. Defense programs, UK civil works and global projects where effective communication design across all stakeholders led to successful delivery.
  3. Case studies where ineffective communication within the organization team led to disastrous outcomes.
  4. Introduction of a new, robust method for using communication to support the effective use of core organizational enablers to design, lead and manage organizations that deliver high performing programs.

The webinar is open to all PMI members who are members of the OPM Community of Practice. Attendance is capped at 1,500 people.

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