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PMI GLC Spring Symposium: The Energy of Skilled Professionals in an Effective Communication Environment

by on April 28, 2014


I did a book launch, book signing and introductory workshop at the PMI Great Lakes Chapter Spring Symposium. A big thank you to the organizers and to my publisher, Gower, for making it happen.

Reinventing Communicatin at PMI GLC Symposium             Gower Logo

There was a tangible feeling at the conference of skilled project professionals of all levels hungry for education, best practices, networking and inspiration. And this hunger was satisfied. I heard numerous positive reviews from people throughout the day. It was great seeing many colleagues there and meeting new ones. The PMI GLC is truly a growing and exciting community to be a part of.

It was incredibley rewarding to speak to the over 150 people at my session. After starting out with a few stories from Aerospace and Defense related projects, I turned the room over the group, letting everyone share their stories and learn about each other. The energy was incredible. People of all experience levels and backgrounds shared challenges, learned from each other and saw that as a group of professionals, together, they could solve almost anything. That is one of the lessons of the presentation. The right communication environment can unlock the potential of each project participant and help us produce outstanding outcomes in even the most complex environments.

Here is a video of the energy of the room. It may look like everyone is simply chatting, but believe me, there was serious problem solving and collaboration going on.

Thank you to PMI GLC and the entire regional project management commnunity. Looking forward to next year!

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