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Introduction to Reinventing Communication -Interview on the PM Podcast

by on September 2, 2014

PM Podcast

This interview provides a nice introduction to concepts in Reinventing Communication. From the introduction:

“Communications is just something that we project managers do… right? It’s not something that we normally design, measure or use to manage performance… right?

Well… Mark Phillips says “wrong”.

In his new book titled Reinventing Communication he proposes that project communication can indeed become a rigorous performance management tool and, further, that managing communication as a performance management tool is essential for delivering desired outcomes. It is essential because all projects are social environments.

In the interview Mark introduces us not only to how to use project communication as a performance management tool, but also to the elements of communication design, how a hard tool can help project communication, how good communication determines project outcomes, and he introduces us to two checklists included in the book that will help you design your project communication for performance management.”

CLICK HERE to listen to the complete interview.

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