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Welcome to Communication Measurement

by on October 19, 2012

This site supports Mark Phillips’ research on Communication Measurement℠. Communication Measurement (CM) is a new technique for improving project performance by understanding, measuring, tracking and optimizing communication and the artifacts used on and around projects. It is a new approach to measure and quantify the human dimensions of project performance to facilitate the scientific management and optimization of these dimensions. It utilizes communication theory, Earned Value Management and a holistic view on the project environment to improve communication in and around a project, improving overall project performance.

The technique is based on Mark Phillips’ Communication Theory of Performance℠.  The Communication Theory of Performance states that an organization’s solution delivery capabilities are significantly determined by the design and execution of the communication environment.  It is a patent-pending system and method. Mark’s book on the topic has been commissioned for publication and is expected to be released in 2014.

Sign up here to receive updates on the latest research, presentations and publications, as well as discount information on the upcoming book. Mark is available for consulting and training using the Communication Theory of Performance℠. He can be contacted through the form below.

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